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Hi, I’m Amruddin azad passionate macro photographer as well as I specialized in other kinds of mobile photography like portrait, landscape, wide-angle, and flat lay

Passionate photographer by heart and a blogger by the mind. and I dive every day to discover more ideas for photography and my eyes turned into cameras with 576 megapixels when I begin photography in 2016.

when people heard words like ” I’m a photographer ” the Question comes into their mind ” which DSLR camera you’re using . to be a good photographer you don’t need a DSLR ( that’s ok if you have DSLR ).

in this technological era prominently people becoming photographers just by using their mobile devices with creative ideas. I’m one of them, and I started this website/blog to share my thoughts and creative ideas regarding photography.

I share all my 6 years of experience in photography stuff which makes you a pro photographer with less Equipment and more creative ideas even if you have enough pixels of the mobile camera.

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new photography ideas


creative new photography ideas

Photography Ideas 

Here you can find more about photography ideas in terms of how to perform like a pro by applying various concepts in different types of photography like portrait, macro, landscape, black and white, shadow compositions, etc.

best camera lens


best camera lens


While in the updating world choosing the best lens for your camera or Mobile becomes a little bit confusing if you have no idea about which lens compatible in all segments like price and specifications and output Quality. Get the best lens by exploring the Lens category for more detailed information.

best camera mobile


best camera mobile

Mobiles camera reviews

Best camera reviews regarding flagship and budget mobiles in terms of camera you can find more about dedicated camera mobile reviews which are in trending.
as well as DSLR camera reviews comparing with specs and price segments

best lightroom editing presets


best lightroom editing presets


Editing gives an Outlook for photo/image, this Editing part is rocket science for beginners and we make it easier with a step-by-step guide and provides single-click presets, which turns your image with different perspectives of colors and stands like an eye-catching image.

photographers suceessful stories


photographers suceessful stories


To be a photographer you need to be a consistent learner. So we keep you always in motivation mode by sharing the photographers’ successful stories/biographies of those who are grinding themselves to be top and professional photographers in their journey. this featured-graphers section brings you an abundance of enthusiasm for clicking awesome pictures by learning everything from experts or photoprenuers

photography on internet with new concept demenstrations


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photography on internent

infinity things are happening on the internet and photography taken 71.3% base where all the photos/ideas are appearing every day on social media platforms. we share and featured the persons who are posts creative best photos(with ideas). and we also share the photos & ideas with credits by explaining a brief description. which you can apply or experiment with that idea in the same manner with a different concept or perspective.

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