13 macro photography ideas using mobile: 7th idea will blow your mind

macro photography ideas at home

Macro photography ideas at home with the phone

did you really need a DSLR to capture macro shots like how professionals perform their work? Nah!

you can go ahead with your mobile +mobile macro lens and macro photography becomes more handful and popular while mobile camera technology developed prominently.

When it comes to generating macro photography ideas is a bit more difficult in macro. however, as a macro photographer, you can find a bunch of ideas within your circumstance or around you after reading this idea-generating machine blog.

So we’re gonna start with macro photography ideas at home and will go a little more depth by digging the idea description briefly. which helps to do the same as how mentioned in each part of the photography idea.

Let’s dive in !

macro home photoshoot ideas

Human eye

macro photography ideas human eye<br>
close up human eye
home photography ideas eye lights
sunlight in eye
home photography ideas eye
eye side view


Human eye macro is the best idea. even any beginner can take an action over the idea, but make sure to take some precautions while you shooting a human eye.

1. Don’t move your camera closer to the object (eye). It’ll affect the eye when keeping the camera for a long time period in front of the human eye and this will lead to gives you an unfocused picture as well.

2. don’t rub your eye before you shooting (in macro) because the veins become reddish in the eye as well as you can’t get a sharp shot with having water in the eye
3. Don’t blink your eye often while shooting

4. Don’t rotate your eye left or right and keep stable by stretching your eyebrows widely by seeing the camera, if you can’t avoid this tip it takes a long time to get the best eye-macro-shot

5. Choose the best lens for your mobile or DSLR

Note: Above mentioned tips won’t applicable for DSLR camera except 2nd tip. The other 3 tips are more important in case of shooting with mobile


home photography ideas water drop
water drop at iron elemets edges
home photography ideas water drop with bokeh
water drop with bokeh
home photography ideas water drop on grass surface
water drop on grass surface
home photography ideas water drop light with bokeh
water drop light with bokeh

Capturing the water drop is one of the best ideas among all the 12 other ideas . and a comparatively bit more interesting subject with shiny chunks for macro-graphers.

As a beginner, you might tried this but here I’m talking about different compositions in the water drop.

Take your mobile and equip the mobile macro-lens, before you set the lens clean it with a smooth cloth on the surface of the lens on both sides for dustless clean shots.

you can capture a water drop macro shot in two different ways in a variety of compositions.

.Natural water drop

water drop macro idea 2

In rainy and winter seasons it is the best chance to get the water drop macro shots naturally. In this, both season’s drops appear on the grass surface or the small plant leaves in gardens or parks.

pro tip: while shooting water drops macro, drops will fall and it leads to taking more time to capture the perfect shot and you can’t get the expected sharp shot whenever you move the camera closer to the water-drop object, to avoid this kind of Disturbance. make sure to use a gimble or Bluetooth shutter button to avoiding non-shaky shots as well.

Artificial water drop

home photography ideas

creating an artificial water drop for macro photography is the easiest way if have a syringe and you can create artificial water drops in any season and at any place



take unused syringe fill with water at the half level which allows you to press to Realise the water drops smoothly with syringe back pusher element.

choose your drop placing Object like a leaf, flower petals, iron edges, feathers, etc as your wish.

place the drop on the object smoothly with a syringe. while placing a drop on the object make sure to place the drop with a round-shaped drop which gives a great and shiny look at the edges of the drop in the picture.

water drop idea:2

follow step 1 as I mentioned above and take your other mobile select an image with high resolution with full brightness in your mobile and then place your mobile at tripod which can’t shake while shooting and then place the syringe by holding with any stable holder like a tripod or hold with the hand.
push the syringe back element slightly where the water drop comes out at the edge of the syringe

then focus drop with lens equipped mobile then you’ll get a picture like this

water drop macro photography 2 1

and then you can get the shot like this with this above procedure.

food macro photography

macro  photography ideas food macro
orange macro shot
macro home photography ideas food macro
orange pupples
macro home photography ideas food macro
macro home photography ideas food macro
sugar crystal with light
macro home photography ideas food macro
sugar crystalss
macro home photography ideas food macro
sugar crystal without light

it’s not about posting the Instagram story by just visiting a restaurant and ordering a dish and capturing it with heights of hands at a top angle like unplanned flat lay shots and food macro is all about exploring each crystal or part of the food.

the viewer should feel like is this a giant-man food captured by a lilliput photographer. in the case of creative food macro, you should represent a theme in that picture.

you’ll find lots of different food dishes or food ingredients and in a manner, you’ll get macro photography ideas as well like sugar or salt crystal, lime in water, coriander seeds, rice, nuts coffee beans cake creme, biscuits, avocado almond, and other foods or ingredients

food macro shots are always composed in indoor light. use external led lights for better exposure controlling

pro-tip: in food macro, while shooting the juicy or creme foods it’s necessary to move the mobile towards the object, but take care of the lens and adjust the focusing distance without touching the lens to juicy or creme foods. which will keep your lens cleaner.

macro photography ideas in old coin

macro  photography ideas coin macro
coin macro
home photography ideas coin macro
home photography ideas coin macro
old coin memories captured as macro

showing grandma or grandpa memories in detailed perspective in macro with their old coins is feel like awesome if you don’t have old coins to show their memories you can try this coin macro idea with any coin you’ll get a picture like this with the following procedure

take any coin to keep it stable in the air by attaching a stick under the second surface of the coin with the help of glue and hold the stick single hand in slope angle in front of the camera.

this single hand tip allows you to capture the coin only instead of a background stick and then try to capture it outdoor for better lighting and bokeh effects this will enable an outstanding look to the coin macro shot.

pro-tip: try to avoid scratches coins on both surfaces for better detailing

macro photography ideas in electric objects

electric objects macro photography
electric objects macro photography

let’s discuss the final macro idea at home. this is going to be a power macro-shot. while you can represent the macro technology by exploring each part of the electric or computer inside elements. you don’t need to turn on switches here (just kidding)

choose any electric elements which are available in scrape shops or at home
like motherboards, mobile charging pins, etc.

Creative macro photography ideas

macro is nothing but tiny or small but things aren’t small in terms of camera view in all cases. we should add creative sauce to show tiny things into big by representing our creativity

creativity is endless like how imagination has no limits, so I discovered 3 creative macro photography ideas

Black background in macro

black background macro photography
black background macro photography
black background macro photography
black background macro photography
black background macro photography

Here simple techniques to follow: Requirements

  • mobile camera or DSLR camera
  • tripod
  • macro lens (only macro for shots )
  • black cloured sheet or paper
  • external light ( recommended for an indoor shoot )

choose any object place the black background sheet or cloth behind the object and focus by equipping a mobile macro lens apexel or skywiki signi.

cheapest mobile macro lens with good features: apexel vs skywiki

shower the light on the object by adjusting exposure in mobile and set the ISO values until the object looks sharp. go ahead to capture when the focus is perfectly adjusted.

The same procedure applies for all the macro photography ideas with different objects and some other objects captured outdoor you should make up the image with your editing skills for the perfect black background.

macro photography ideas for Indoor light condition

Now you’re shooting in indoor condition
Light is must and should keep the light maximum for best outcomes of images and also set an external light like diffuser, torch, mobile torch,
and mainly a sheet of black colored paper use this paper while clicking the picture set the black background sheet or paper at the back end of the subject or object

clean the lens before clicking the picture and use a soft cloth to cleaning the lens it’s a basic thing you know

use a tripod for shake‑free images and if you are a good maintainer to use your own hand’s capture the unblurry images

macro photography ideas for Outdoor light condition

if you’re shooting an outdoor condition make sure light should not be overexposure
Maintain light normal it’s better to shoot in an outdoor early morning 6:30 am to 7:45 am
& Evening 5:30 pm to 6:30 this Times why I recommend, because morning & evening sunlight conditions are, may get better results of pictures

macro photography ideas with editing

do you believe this image edited for black background instead of capturing with black background under the perfect light setup conditions?

image with black edits

shoot the macro shots wherever you want and turn them into a black background

editing is the makeup of an image and creates more beautiful with editing
use the applications adobe lightroom and snap seed,
export the image in lightroom go light > adjust light, shadows, contrast, blacks (recommended) whites, and next adjust curves as per picture requirements

now export the image to snap seed adjust total contrast and structure, vignette and go to the > select tool in snap seed adjust the blacks manually

reflection macro photography ideas

reflection macro
13 macro photography ideas using mobile: 7th idea will blow your mind 58
reflection macro 2
13 macro photography ideas using mobile: 7th idea will blow your mind 59
reflection macro 3
13 macro photography ideas using mobile: 7th idea will blow your mind 60

while executing all these macro photography ideas I used the best mobile macro lens which is more compatible with 98% of the mobiles and available for an affordable price

-azad pixels

reflection photography speaks when two same images in a single frame as known as object twin-photography. and in macro, it gives a tremendous look with cool gestures. I’ve recently discovered new macro photography ideas with different subjects and reflections. and featured in an Instagram story by the top-most brand realme have a look

there are two kinds of reflections

water reflection
mirror reflection

water reflection

mostly water reflection shots were taken at the lakes or ponds etc as landscape photos, but here we’re going through macro photography ideas . so take the object like a bolt, flower, car toy, etc.

macro photography ideas using mirror reflection

place object where the floor allows you to take reflection when you pour the water at the center point of the object surface

pro tip: always capture the reflection shot at a low angle of 270 degrees for better reflection

macro photography ideas in water drop reflection

follow step 1 as I mentioned above in the water drop idea section and take your other mobile select an image with high resolution with full brightness in your mobile and then place your mobile at tripod which can’t shake while shooting

water reflection macro photography

and then place the syringe by holding with any stable holder like a tripod or hold with the hand.
push the syringe back element slightly where the water drop comes out at the edge of the syringe

lights of macro photography ideas for Christmas

take the small Christmas toys like trees or Santa clock and also take the small wired lights where we use it on X-mas tree

macro photography ideas for christmas
light photography ideas
macro drak photography

focus the toy with your mobile by placing the lights behind the toy then you’ll get a sharp and clean bokeh macro shot.

idea:2 take shiny things like coin or toys, focus reddish or blueish colorful light on the object, and then capture the image

Macro photography at garden or park with different macro photography ideas

gardens or parks greenery places, not only greenery there’s huge scope for macro photography ideas like flowers and bugs, or insects and colorful leaves.

you can find different types of varieties of macro photography ideas(I mean macro compositions) with the above-mentioned macro objects.

as per my experience, I covered all kinds of objects available in gardens or parks. in addition to that, I learned some cool things while shooting in gardens or parks. if you apply these tips when you’re going for real objects. you’ll get the best pictures in less time


insect macro ideas 3
butterfly macro

insects are living (objects) in the camera point of view. capturing the perfect insect macro shot is difficult for the beginner macro-grapher. and if you handling it with you’re mobile it’s not to wonder if it takes a lot more time.

while shooting an insect be patient and calm with a slow breath and make sure you’ve set up which requires to capture the best shot like (camera or mobile, lens setup, tripod and must use the Bluetooth shutter button ) this will save your 75% of the entire shoot session.

top 3 points to remember while insect macro shoot:

1. don’t move the mobile or lens suddenly when you’re close to the insect. it leads to taking more time and the insects may fly-out away from you

2. don’t be scared while shooting ( according to the survey people scared about spider and lizard in the macro shoot ) this leads to hesitation, and of course, you couldn’t get a detailed shot

3. must use gimble or tripod and Bluetooth shutter button for non-shake & unblurry shots.

DIY TIP: you can also use your earphones as a shutter button plugging it with your desired mobile.

flowers macro photography ideas

flower macro 2
flower macro
flower macro 3
flower macro 6
flower macro 5

insects may available or may not and flowers are the best objects for the macro-graphers which available at every garden or park and one more interesting part of flowers is. they available in different colors. as a macro clicker, you never feel bored because exploring colors in photography is the best feeling ever for every photographer.

leaves with texture macro photography ideas

Generally for the macro in leaves capturing in-depth for showing details and clear texture

in leaves macro, there are main four factors or patterns

  • 1.close up picture
  • 2.structure
  • 3.sharpness
  • 4.textures
texture macro photography ideas
macro phtography ideas
macro phtography ideas
macro phtography ideas

the macro shot picture will speak for itself when the picture has great textures and perfect adjusted smoothness.

pro tip: capture the leaves macro in daylight condition for better detailing
and if you are clicking texture of the leaf place external light in the back end and the result of the picture will come with high textures

Abstract macro photography ideas :

human naturally detects VIBGYOR colors in terms of Abstract macro photography shows different aspects and colors with different new themes
we have seen never before.

in other words, creating a color space and grabbing the object from its natural place. my words look like a physics definition here but I’ll show with practical pictures with a brief description

macro photography ideas colorful oil drops in water

macro photography ideas
swipe to see more
colorful oil drop macro photography ideas
macro phtography ideas
macro phtography ideas
macro phtography ideas

for a practical example try this idea. take transparent glass by adding some water and sprinkle some drops of cooking oil in it. oil drops will appear at the water surface in transparent glass and take other mobile or colorful lights torch.

( I recommend mobile you can generate more macro photography ideaswith this tool ) place the glass on a mobile screen by increasing the brightness level 100% (this will help you to get sharp with highlight reflected shot ) and before that choose any colorful image on your screen.

shoot the drops by adding a mobile macro lens from a high angle like this
(put a video here)

pro tip: always keep your phone screen active with high brightness, don’t turn it off while shooting or capturing.


I have mentioned all the ideas which i practically applied. i spent 76 days to capture all ideas with perfect concepts. among all the macro photography ideas which you like more and mention why you like more ?

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